Luftaufnahme Drumlins in der Nähe von Gossau Zürich


Zurich 2024 does not need to shy away from comparison with the great cycling classics. The route profiles give the races a distinctive character and offer both the rollers and the climbers the opportunity to prove their skills, stamina and tactical flair. And the finish area on Sechseläutenplatz brings cycling action at its best to one of the most attractive locations in the centre of the city on the Limmat.

In close consultation with LOC Zurich 2024, the Union Cycliste Internationale UCI has approved the routes for the various races, which we present below. Detailed information on specific races (race route, elevation profile and, in some cases, route animations) can be found in the race programme.

The start will take place within and outside the city limits: at the “Offene Rennbahn” in Zurich-Oerlikon, on the Münsterhof in Zurich, in Winterthur, Uster, Gossau and around Sechseläutenplatz, where the finish line for all races is also located. The cyclists will probably notice less of the scenic “hotspots” and sights that they pass through on their way to the finish line than the millions of television viewers watching on their screens.

In the road races, several circuits will provide excitement and the opportunity to cheer on the athletes several times per race. The hand cyclists will open the UCI Road and Para-cycling Road World Championships Zurich 2024 with a first highlight on a special circuit.

Para-Cycling Mixed Handbike Team Relay

Team Relay

Seefeld Circuit

The Mixed Handbike Team Relay takes place exclusively on the Seefeld Circuit. At around 1.5 kilometres in length, this is the shortest circuit of these UCI Road World Championships.

The circuit starts at the finish line on Sechseläutenplatz and runs past the Opera House on the uphill side of the street before turning into Dufourstrasse via Falkenstrasse. The route then follows this road for a good half kilometre to Feldeggstrasse, where the athletes then turn back into Bellerivestrasse and ride back to the turning point and handover point at the finish.

At the handbike team relay race, a team of 3 athletes completes a total of 9 laps, taking turns for each lap.

Map Para-Cycling Mixed Handbike Team Relay
Women Elite ITT


The individual time trials start at three locations: Zurich-Oerlikon, Gossau and directly at the finish at Sechseläutenplatz.


The men’s elite start their time trial on the historic open race track in Zurich-Oerlikon. Via Dübendorf and along Lake Greifensee, the athletes cross Mönchaltorf, where the race route joins that of the races starting from Gossau. After an ascent over the foothills of the Pfannenstiel, the descent follows – again with a short intermediate climb – to the shores of Lake Zurich in Meilen. From there, the race route leads along Lake Zurich on a direct route to the finish at Sechseläutenplatz.


In addition to the women’s elite and the U23 men, the para-athletes in categories B (tandem) and C4-5 (cycling) will also start their time trials in Gossau ZH. From there, it’s around 3 kilometres to Mönchaltorf, where the route meets that of the men’s elite and follows the same course to the finish.


The remaining time trials start just before Sechseläutenplatz (Kreuzstrasse) and run along the lake to one of three turning points (depending on the race) and back to the finish at Sechseläutenplatz.

The races in the para-cycling categories T1-2 (tricycle) and the women’s H1-2 (handbike) turn round in Küsnacht (turning point no. 1).

The junior women’s time trial and the para-cycling categories C1-3 (cycling) as well as the women’s H3-5 and men’s H1-5 lead to the municipal area of Herrliberg (turning point no. 2).

The juniors ride to Feldmeilen (turning point no. 3).

Übersicht Zeitfahren


The mixed relay team time trial takes place exclusively on the City Circuit (see below). A three-man team rides one lap and hands over to a three-woman team for another lap.

Men Elite Road Race Wollongong 2022


In addition to the start locations of Winterthur, Uster and Zurich Sechseläutenplatz and Münsterhof, the two circuits City and Lakeside form the heart of the World Championship routes.

Athletes complete different numbers of laps on these depending on the race.

Lakeside Circuit

Starting at the Bellerive-/Kreuzsstrasse junction in Zurich’s Seefeld district, the course leads to Kreuzplatz and from there directly towards Zollikon. Shortly after the municipal boundary, the athletes turn into Dufourstrasse via Felbenstrasse and return via the Zolliker Rampe on Bellerivestrasse towards the finish at Sechseläutenplatz. If the circuit is cycled several times, the athletes turn back into Kreuzstrasse around 400 metres before the finish.

Map Para-Cycling Men H1-2, C1, C2, T12, Women H1-5, T1-2 & C1-3 RR

City Circuit

The City Circuit leads from the finish line over the Quaibrücke bridge past Stadthausquai and turns into Limmatquai over the Münsterbrücke. Via Mühlegasse and Seilergraben, the athletes turn uphill at the Kunsthaus and begin the ascent on Zürichbergstrasse, which is 10% at times. After a flatter section through the Hottingen neighbourhood, the course climbs again slightly and leads over the so-called “Schleife” (loop) to Witikon and Binz. This is followed by another relatively flat section through Zumikon before the steep descent to Küsnacht. From there, the course leads along the Alte Landstrasse to Zollikon. Via Zolliker Rampe and Bellerivestrasse, the athletes race directly towards the finish or the next lap.


For logistical reasons, the para-cycling men in categories C3, C4 and C5 do not start their race directly at Sechseläutenplatz, but at Münsterhof, which results in a slightly shorter first lap of the City Circuit.

Some races take place exclusively on the circuits, with City and Lakeside Circuit also being combined in some para-cycling races, such as in the women’s C4-5 categories.

City Circuit

Einige Rennen finden ausschliesslich auf den Circuits statt, wobei City und Lakeside Circuit bei einigen Para-Cycling-Rennen auch kombiniert werden, so wie bei den Frauen der Kategorien C4-5. 

The City Circuit is also used by the races starting from Uster and Winterthur. The number of laps changes depending on the race.


After the start in Winterthur, the men’s elite will make a loop through the Weinland before riding through Winterthur again and leaving the city in the direction of Kyburg. A first steeper climb awaits them there, with a 10.8 % gradient in between. From here, the route continues through the Zurich Oberland, via Volketswil and Fällanden past Lake Greifensee to Maur. The route then climbs steeply and leads into the City Circuit. Following this, the lap counting begins at the first finish. In the case of the men’s elite race, the athletes complete another seven laps of the City Circuit.

Map Men Elite RR
Anfahrt des Männer-Elite-Rennens aus Winterthur mit 7 Runden auf dem City Circuit.


From the centre of Uster, the route heads towards Maur on one lap, or two in the men’s U23 race, around Lake Greifensee. After passing through Uster again, or even a second time, the route leads into Maur for a second or third time, but then turns into the climb to Binz, where it joins the City Circuit. Following this, the lap counting begins at the first finish. Coming from Uster, the juniors ride one more lap, the juniors three and the men’s U23 and women’s elite four more laps on the City Circuit.

Map Women Elite RR
Anfahrt aus Uster am Beispiel des Frauen-Elite-Rennens mit 4 Runden auf dem City Circuit.