Gossau ZH

Gossau in the canton of Zurich is a diverse municipality
with an exciting past and a promising future.

Gossau and its “Wachten” (similar to small boroughs) Bertschikon, Grüt, Ottikon, Herschmettlen and Gossau-Dorf are located in the Zurich Oberland, nestled in a wonderful landscape of wooded hills and moor-covered depressions. The transport links and residential quality make the municipality an interesting location for industry, commerce and service providers. Despite the rural surroundings, the cities of Zurich, Winterthur, Rapperswil and the international airport in Kloten can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes by car.

Gossau Dürsteler Haus

In the slipstream of history

The earliest traces of settlers on Gossau soil date back to the Bronze Age. The immigration of the Alamanni in the early 7th and 8th centuries provides the first reliable information about a continuous settlement. In the High Middle Ages, the area belonged to various powerful people: rulership and basic rights were alternately in secular and ecclesiastical hands.

For centuries, the majority of Gossau’s population consisted of small farmers. This changed in the 18th century, when new yield-increasing cultivation methods were introduced and industrialisation began. There was almost no house in Gossau without at least one loom. But the community could not keep up with the large factories that opened their doors in the neighbouring towns of Uster and Wetzikon around 1820.

The Dürstelerhaus, first mentioned in documents in 1592, is the community’s iconic building. Its richly decorated exterior testifies to the fact that the house was once in wealthy hands. In fact, the name of the house commemorates Johannes Dürsteler, the founder of a former textile factory in neighbouring Wetzikon. The house belonged to this company for 100 years from 1870 and became the boarding house of the nearby factory. Since 1974, the Dürstelerhaus has been serving as a local museum, giving visitors a first-hand impression of how people lived in the past.

In the 20th century, Gossau transformed itself into a prosperous municipality with over 10,000 inhabitants today and a wide range of activities.

Ice Age Landmarks

Gossau lies in the middle of a unique natural landscape. It is characterised by the drumlins, a glacial remnant. Drumlins, derived from the Irish term “droimnín”, which means “small ridge” or “ridge of high ground”, are elongated hills with a drop-shaped ground plan and were formed under an actively moving glacier. The hilly terrain is also considered an insider’s tip for training rides among cyclists of all categories and skill levels.

Stubete Gäng Konzert in Gossau

Lively community

Markets, culture and various events ensure a lively community in Gossau. Numerous associations organise their events throughout the year. Young and old, big and small – everyone will find something suitable.

In terms of sport, people in Gossau are often in the saddle – not only on bicycles, but also on horseback. At the CS Gossau competition, more than 350 riders give their best with their horses at almost 1000 starts.

Start city

Gossau will be the epicentre of various time trials. From there, the riders and para-cyclists of several categories will start their races against the clock: Elite Women, U23 Men as well as various para-cycling sport classes for men and women.

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